Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chip's lunch: May 5, 2010

For this lunch, I decided not to mess with success. I made the same rollups as were in Monday's lunch, but this time I added a little bit of carrot. The soup is one of my faves: Whole Foods tomato bisque. A few months ago, we discovered that Whole Foods does weekly specials. On Tuesdays, they sell their homemade pizzas 2 for 1. And on Mondays, they sell their homemade soups 2 for 1. So I picked up a bunch of tomato bisque for $7. This serving probably cost about $.30.

Seedless watermelon, organic Gala apple with natural peanut butter, organic Thompson raisins, organic fair trade milk chocolate, raw almonds, Whole Foods tomato bisque, and whole wheat rollups with vegan turkey, local organic hummus, local cheddar/jack cheese, organic spring mix, and organic carrot.

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