Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chip's lunch: March 31, 2011

Ah, we've been busy since Chip was gone. Just before he left, we took in a litter of orphan foster kittens. Four two-weekers with no mom. We bottle fed them around the clock, and once Chip left, I was operating on some serious sleep deprivation. Seriously, I don't know how actual parents do it. This was traumatic enough for me. Then, we picked up a Lab-mix girl who came in on a transport from Springfield, Missouri. The shelter there burned down, so she'd been living in an outdoor run. On top of that, it's a heartstick shelter, and, well...just google heartstick, and you'll understand why we couldn't let her die there. She is a younger girl, and one of the rowdiest dogs I've ever met. Fortunately, she and Cal are best buddies, and they tire each other out daily.

Since then, our greyhound foster, Starz Artiste, was adopted by a wonderful family. She is such a lover, and I know they enjoy that about her. The kittens have grown out of the bottle feeding phase, which means we get to sleep again. Penny underwent Immiticide heartworm treatment, and is healing very well. And we got one of our old greyhound fosters back: Perpetual Puff. She was having separation anxiety from being left alone for 9 - 10 hours a day. She's doing better with us, and I'm sure she'll be adopted any time now.

My favorite photo of Artiste, gently resting her head on my shoulder:

The kittens...

Carl (named after Chip's dad, because both have mustaches):

Patty the tabby:

Betty (we thought she was a boy until recently; we had named her Benny):

And Bethany (with Betty and Patty), who is so mellow and laid back that we named her after Bethany Hamilton:

And here's Penny. She's just gorgeous, right? We are fostering her through For the Love of Labs Rescue, and if you or anyone you know is interested in her, we can arrange transport to almost anywhere.

And here's Miss Puff (yes, that is Puff spit on my shirt):

And lunch, of course!

Organic Fuji apple, pita chips, spicy red pepper hummus, pecans, organic dark chocolate chips, organic salted sunflower seeds, banana, and organic quinoa with organic spinach.


  1. I love the kittens! They make me want to bring them all home and love on them forever!

  2. I just discovered your blog last night and I love it. I am a vegetarian (5 years!) And I am a librarian at a middle school so packing my lunch everyday is a must. I grew quite tired of the pb&j everyday last year so at the start of this school year I decide to pack more fun and yummier lunches. A Google search led me to your lovely blog and I am a huge fan! Thanks for the great ideas and these animals in this post are SUPER CUTE!