Monday, August 9, 2010

Chip's lunch: August 10, 2010

Chip enjoyed today's bruschetta and approved the inclusion of more tomato in this lunch. We got some beautiful carrots from our CSA this weekend and I threw some into a salad. I asked Chip how he prefers them: diced (we call it "carrot confetti"), julienned, or sliced (in little round slices). He likes the carrot confetti, "so I don't have to taste their awfulness." Such a grownup about eating his vegetables!

Salad with organic greenleaf lettuce, organic baby spinach, CSA carrot, Roma tomato from our garden, red onion, and organic pine nuts, organic local pepper jack cheese from the farmers' market, Ancient Grains crackers, Kashi granola bar, natural peanut butter and jelly on Ezekiel sprouted grain bread, and an organic Gala apple.

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