Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chip's lunch: August 23, 2010

The weather finally cooled off a bit today, and we were able to enjoy a summery dinner on the deck. Our garden and our CSA have been good to us lately, and we had some leftovers from dinner for Chip's lunch. The yellow pepper and corn (Chip refuses to eat corn on the cob; he only eats corn "off the cob") are from our CSA. The red pepper came from our garden. Our poor little red pepper plant has been hanging out in our garden since April, and has only given us one pepper. It was delicious, but that plant had better hurry weather is fast approaching!

Here's our beautiful red pepper:

And lunch:

Organic vegetable risotto, organic blackberry applesauce (Chip won't eat blackberries because of the seeds, but the flavor is OK with him), organic flame raisins, organic dark chocolate, organic dried cranberries, CSA corn "off the cob," and grilled vegetables (organic portobello mushrooms, CSA yellow pepper, red pepper from our garden).


  1. I was just wondering - with all the amazing food you pack a lot of it seems like it should be warmed....does Chip eat these things cold?

    I didnt know if risotto and tofu for example tasted good cold?

    thanks! sarah

  2. Chip usually heats up the stuff that should be warmed. He works in an office, so he has access to a microwave and a fridge. The containers are BPA free, so we don't worry too much about microwaving them.