Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chip's lunch: August 26, 2010

We're in one of those phases in which we've got stuff to use up. The guacamole, apples, and tomato weren't getting any younger. All week I've been trying to convince Chip to take some guac in his lunch, and tonight I stopped asking...I just did it. We bought a 3-pack of Wholly Guacamole at Costco, and while it's delicious, I think it's a little much for just the two of us.

Sandwich on organic whole wheat bread with guacamole, CSA tomato, and organic redleaf lettuce, local early Jonagold apple, organic Thompson raisins, Clif Z Bar (s'mores flavor), organic dark chocolate, organic banana, and organic quinoa with organic vegetable bouillon, CSA carrots, CSA onion, and organic cumin.


  1. I am so impressed with your blog! I'm going to do a post on kid lunches and would like to link to yours! Thanks! - Amee