Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chip's lunch: June 18, 2010

It's already Friday again! It really crept up on me this week. I realized that Friday was coming because I didn't feel like packing this lunch. I went for a glorious run at 9 tonight, and when I got back, I was ready to shower and crawl into bed. Then I remembered this lunch, and I got kinda grumpy. Sometimes, I just really don't feel like packing it. And Chip just won't pack it. Not that he needs to pack his own lunch if I don't; he usually goes to Subway if he doesn't have a Katie lunch. But as I mentioned before, he's had a really tough week, and I know that his lunches always brighten his day. So here it is. The last of my creativity for this week.

Chip will be out of town again starting next Thursday, so there will be another hiatus of sorts. This time he'll be in the Netherlands! Don't worry though; I have some fantastic pups to keep me company.

After our run last night. I finally exhausted Cal!

I need to stop taking photos of Queenly with her tongue out, because it's always out. I should take pictures when it's in, because that's unusual!

And of course, little Emmy.

And lunch:

Organic whole wheat tri-color cavatappi with CSA peas, local mozzarella, and marinara sauce, banana, organic fair trade dark chocolate with almonds, organic Sultana golden raisins, homemade banana bread (can you tell I bought bananas at Costco? We've been eating 4 a day for days), a salad with organic redleaf lettuce, organic cucumber, and Campari tomato.

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