Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chip's lunch: July 22, 2010

This lunch was all requested by Chip. As we were eating dinner (the fried rice), I asked him what he wanted for lunch. He came up with everything you see here, except the pita. We wandered around the kitchen, the pantry, the fridge, for about 10 minutes, trying to figure out what to put in the side. Finally we decided to leave it empty. Then I saw the pitas in the fridge and a light bulb went off. I was really excited that I'd found something vegan to put in the side area, and was so proud of my vegan lunch. Eh, not so much. I forgot about that milk chocolate. So close! Maybe tomorrow.

Homemade fried rice with organic tofu, broccoli, and organic cauliflower, trail mix with milk chocolate from Holland, raw almonds, organic raw cashews, organic Sultana golden raisins, and organic dried cranberries, whole wheat pita with natural peanut butter, half of a banana (the other half had gone bad), and an organic Fuji apple with organic cinnamon.

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