Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chip's lunch: July 9, 2010 (updated)

Chip worked from home on Friday morning. We share one car, and he has a motorcycle that he takes to work when the weather is conducive. We got some rain on Friday, and we had annual vet appointments for all of our pets, so we needed the car at home. When we got back from the vet, Chip ate his lunch before he headed out to work. And I sneaked a photo! Well, I sneaked one photo, and then he noticed what I was doing and I got the one below. I always imagined it was pretty adorable to see him eating his little lunchbox, and it really was!

The verdict on this lunch was that it was great! The cookies went first, and the sandwich went last. Chip said he saved the best for last. I was surprised that he thought the sandwich was the best!

In other news, Queenly was adopted today! We are so happy for her, and know she's going to a wonderful home. We'll miss her silly face!

We'll be taking another break from the blog this coming week. We're headed to Maryland for the week on Tuesday to visit our families. We'll pack some snacks for the road, but probably no lunches. We'll be back in action on July 19th (and with a new foster in tow: Soy Franco, aka "Frank").


  1. Congrats to Queenly! I can't wait to hear more about Frank.

  2. What a sweet face. I hope her new home is a wonderful one!

    I'd love to foster! Though I think my SO would make me sleep in the garage if I got another dog!