Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chip's lunch: November 18, 2010

When I went on my Gardein-buying binge a few weeks ago, I must've inadvertently picked up some of the Gardein Beefless Tips. They're not my favorite, so I made them for dinner on Wednesday, a night on which I wasn't terribly hungry. I looked up a recipe for brown sauce that didn't include oyster sauce (not easy to find), and I had dinner on the table in a few short minutes. The brown sauce was not my cup of tea, though Chip loved it. It's not often that we get to eat Chinese food, since it so frequently contains non-vegetarian ingredients (oyster sauce, beef broth, pork, pork fat, fish, etc). Chip was happy to take these leftovers and he enjoyed them again at lunch.

Gardein beefless tips with organic broccoli, organic cauliflower, and steamed organic brown rice in homemade brown sauce, banana, organic Thompson raisins, and half of an organic Gala apple.


  1. What is your recipe for the brown sauce? It looks yummy!!!

  2. Here it is:

    I added more (reduced sodium) soy sauce than the recipe calls for. It was pretty flavorless without it. And of course, I used veggie broth instead of beef broth.

  3. As a student in a high school where there are absolutely no veg options in the cafeteria, I am eternally grateful for your blog! I have been vegetarian (for animal rights reasons) and organic (for my health) for about a year now, and I read your blog every day to get ideas for what to bring to school. Thank you so much! Your blog is my favorite. :)