Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chip's lunch: April 13, 2010

I managed to pull off another springy, colorful, vegan lunch today! And I'm exhausted. I'm finally back into running, after eight weeks of nothing but terrible, painful, breathless, awful runs. I set out to run 5 today and did 7 because I felt so good! Time to go rest those legs.

Salad with organic spring mix, organic redleaf lettuce, organic carrot, Campari tomato, and organic peas, Gardein "Santa Fe Good Stuff"* (vegan chicken stuffed with black beans and corn with a roasted tomato sauce), Clif Z Bar, Navel orange, and an organic Braeburn apple.

*I wouldn't think this would be clean, but it's featured in this month's Clean Eating Magazine.

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