Monday, April 26, 2010

Chip's lunch: April 26, 2010

I did a very bad/good thing this weekend. It's bad because it is unhealthy, but it's good because it's delicious. For some reason, I've had cake on my mind. My mom made me a recipe from a Betty Crocker cookbook a few times when I was growing up: Bonnie Butter Cake with French Silk frosting. I was able to find a recipe online (since Mom and her cookbook are in Maryland), and decided to whip up a batch of cupcakes. We've eaten far too many of them already. Starting Monday I will attempt to give them away to friends because no two people need to eat this much butter and sugar!

Funny story: Chip took his first bite of one of these and we had the following exchange.
Chip: I thought these were all organic.
Katie: They are.
Chip: But they don't taste healthy.
Katie: They aren't healthy.
(Moral of the story: organic does not necessarily = healthy!)

Organic Gala apple, homemade cupcake, organic fair trade dark chocolate, organic flame raisins, organic cashews, organic roasted & salted sunflower seeds, almonds, banana, and a whole wheat wrap with avocado, Cheddar, organic carrot, Newman's Own salsa, organic spring mix, and organic redleaf lettuce.

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