Saturday, April 10, 2010

My lunch: April 10, 2010

Today my friend Lori and I drove 3 pups from Columbus to Mansfield, OH. This was one leg of a long transport from somewhere in Tennessee to Ontario to a cattle dog rescue. All three dogs were adorable, but one of them (Whiskey) really stole my heart. She was a little bit shy at first, but all she wanted was attention and love. She snuggled with me in the car and was such a little love. And she has pointy ears like my Cal. I hope she gets the best home in the world, because she totally deserves it.

Here she is in the back of the car:

And when I tried to pose for a picture with her, she did this instead:

I packed some snacks for the drive, since I'm always hungry. In the interest of full disclosure, we didn't eat all of this on the drive. We were delayed an hour, and while we waited, we went into a restaurant and ate grilled cheese. I know. So not clean or healthy. But it was so delicious. Chip finished off the rest of the snacks when I got home.

Whole wheat rollups with organic avocado, local cheddar jack cheese, salsa, and organic redleaf lettuce, organic Braeburn apple, natural Fruit Roll-Ups, organic baby carrots, and whole wheat rollups with natural peanut butter and jelly.

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