Friday, April 2, 2010

Sarah's lunch: April 2, 2010

You read that right. When I have guests in town, I make them eat food out of tiny little boxes. My friend from college, Sarah, is here in Columbus, and she is ridiculously enthusiastic about my lunches. So I bought her a Laptop Lunch set, and I made her first lunch! Something is telling me that the experience of eating it will be better than the food...she's beside herself with excitement.

It was really fun to pack lunch for someone besides Chip or myself, and I hope I get to do it again soon. Sarah, I hope your first Laptop Lunch is everything you want it to be. I feel like it would only be better if Mariah Carey were in one of the containers.

Organic tri-color whole wheat rotini with pesto, Parm, and crushed red pepper, white bean and spinach soup, natural Fruit Roll-Up, homemade brownie, hummus, and blanched vegetables (red pepper and asparagus) with sea salt and cracked black pepper.


  1. Looks great Katie but how do you manage to keep everything in its container? we have major spillage from one container to the next. :(

  2. Hmmm. Well the soup and pasta had lids on them, as did the hummus, so I'm sure that helped. Chip hasn't mentioned any spillage yet...I tend to be really careful about it.