Monday, February 22, 2010

Chip's lunch: February 23, 2010

Another lunch of leftovers from a clean was delicious! I made broiled veggies and tofu with lemon pepper marinade. The recipe called for salmon, so I used tofu instead. Once everything was in the oven, I reduced the leftover marinade (you can do that when you're not cooking meat) with a little bit of butter and added a touch of garlic. Chip LOVED it! I was OK with it. Turns out he's easier to please than I thought.

I asked Chip yesterday if he would eat nuts and dried fruit if I purchased them. He swore he would, so I've decided to hold him to his word. I went to the co-op up the street and bought some organic dried apricots, organic flame raisins, organic raw almonds, and organic dry roasted and salted sunflower seeds. I threw a few of those together to make trail mix for Chip's lunch. I hope he likes it...and that he actually eats it!

Broiled organic tofu and white mushrooms, white onion, and organic zucchini with lemon pepper sauce, brown rice with onion and vegetable broth, homemade trail mix, and a whole Navel orange.

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