Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chip's lunch: February 3, 2010

Yum! Tons of protein is packed into this lunch: in the tofu, edamame, and peanut butter. Chip's been lifting and working out several times a week, and I'm going to have to adjust his lunches accordingly. I'm really proud of him for taking care of himself, especially since I know that doing cardio at the gym just really isn't his cup of tea. I can't wait for it to be warm out so we can go for bike rides together outdoors.

Note that the tofu and edamame are both organic. I try to make sure that all of the soy we eat is non-GMO. I do my best not to go too insane thinking about what we're eating and where it comes from, and I also try not to buy into conspiracy theories. But GMO soy is icky for a lot of reasons (biodiversity, control of the food supply, lack of reputable studies regarding the effects of the consumption of genetically modified organisms, etc), so I like to avoid it if I can.

Fried rice with organic tofu and broccoli, whole wheat peanut butter and grape jelly rollups, Quaker granola bar, organic edamame, and a whole Gala apple.

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