Saturday, February 27, 2010

Katie's lunch: 27 February 2010

That's right! A special weekend lunch! Chip and I were out and about today, so I packed some snacks to munch on while we were away from home. I didn't have a big breakfast, and after I went running and then spent two hours at a greyhound meet and greet with Roxie, I was pretty hungry! We met a family there that really fell in love with her, and we're expecting to receive their application on her any time. It's really exciting, but I got tears in my eyes once I said goodbye to them. I adore this girl, and it won't feel right to sit on the couch without her snuggled up to me. She's such a special dog, and I really hope this potential adoption works out. But really...who could resist this:

In other news, we are getting another foster tonight. She is coming up from Jefferson County Kennel Club in Florida. Her track name is Where's Raw Bone, and I think we're going to call her Bonnie. She's a little black girl who was born October 25, 2007. She ran 3 races and took 4th, 7th, and 7th. Tonight we're headed to a dog washing place that donates their tubs to our rescue group; we'll get all the hounds from this haul cleaned up, microchipped, etc. and then bring little Bonnie home.

OK, back to the lunch. It was more like a collection of snacks, but still satisfying and delicious (and vegan).

Peanut butter on Ezekiel bread, organic baby carrots, organic flame raisins, organic roasted and salted sunflower seeds, and an organic Gala apple.

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