Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chip's lunch: March 11, 2010

This is post number 100! There aren't quite 100 lunches here yet though; some of the posts were a bit off-topic. Maybe for lunch 100 I'll do something fancy. More likely is that I'll forget (just like until I started posting right now I forgot that this was post number 100) and whine about forgetting.'s lunch. Chip Skyped me from work today at about 3:00 and told me he was a bit hungry. "Lunch suggestion: if there's a slightly empty container, fill it with chocolate. And nuts." So I attempted to do that here, and I hope he can stay satisfied til he gets home for dinner. I told him to save the nuts/chocolate/dried fruit for a mid-afternoon snack...we'll see if that actually happens.

"Chicken" a la king, steamed organic brown rice, organic Thompson raisins, banana, homemade clean oatmeal cookies, organic macadamia nuts, organic cashews, organic raw almonds, and organic dark chocolate.


  1. I am loving your blog! It almost makes me wish I didn't come home for lunch everyday, just so that I could make these amazing lunches, too. Almost. ;)

  2. Well thank you! Sometimes I pack a lunch up for myself even if I'm around the house. The lunchboxes just make it more fun!

  3. You are confusing me again! You never put chocolate, cookies, and the variety of nuts in the lower left. They are supposed to go where the banana is hahaha. :)

    Looks yummy though!!

  4. Tera, you are so funny! I was just trying to follow Chip's suggestion of "filling up empty spaces with chocolate and nuts."