Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chip's lunch: March 19, 2010

So...Chip made his own lunch today. I put the broccoli and noodles in the little cups and meant to go back and finish it, but I never did. So he finished it up and almost escaped without a photo op. So I guess that this is what Chip would pack (and how he would pack it) if he had to make his lunch every day.

Tillamook cheddar cheese, Gala apple, Boca black bean burger, organic steamed broccoli, and organic Whole Foods mac n cheese.


  1. haha - you should've seen my face when I first saw this lunch. I was going to say - what in the world has gotten into you?! So, it was no surprise at all that Chip packed it. It still looks nice, but it's just not "you." :)

    I bet you would've cut the black bean burger (mmm - so good), put them on whole-grain bread in one of the medium containers and then cut the gala apple into 4 pieces in a separate container (putting the apple beneath the burger in the picture). Am I right?! :)

  2. You are so funny! And clearly know me well. You're right on. Yikes...perhaps this means I need to be more original/less predictable?