Sunday, March 28, 2010

My lunch: March 27, 2010

Another weekend full of greyhound events = another lunch on the run for Katie. Once again, packing this lunch saved me from stopping and stuffing my face at a restaurant nearby the greyhound event (this time, my restaurant of choice would've been Red glad I didn't actually go). I like to make my lunches with as many finger foods as possible. I usually have a dog leash in one hand, so I only have one hand left with which to grab food.

As always, it has a peanut butter sandwich. It's just so easy and tasty! This time there are grapes though. I absolutely love green grapes, but I don't buy them often. Chip refuses to touch them (they feel like "eyeballs" and they taste too "tangy"), so when I do buy them, I have to make sure I'm prepared to eat all of them. So they're a special treat that I buy once every few months or so.

Oh, and the cookie crumbles...that's us trying to make the best of a pretty huge baking failure on my part. I made a double batch of clean oatmeal cookies, and even though I sprayed the pans with Pam, every single cookie got stuck. So I have a big container of oatmeal cookie crumbs that we've been munching on, and since it's kinda like granola, Chip mixed it in with some nuts.

And the Fruit Roll-Up...I got a big box of them at Costco and they're really tasty! They're not quite as simple as Stretch Island fruit leathers, but they're much cheaper, and fairly clean. They're a nice sweet treat.

Finally, in other news, Kendrick met a couple this weekend who fell in love with him. Their home visit went well today, and he'll be going to stay with them this Friday. He'll be an only dog, and we're not sure how well he'll do with that, but we're hopeful that this is a successful and forever placement. They are wonderful people, and they really like him. He's been returned to the rescue once for separation anxiety, and we're hoping this doesn't become a trend for him. Cross your fingers!

Here he is "roaching." He seems to be too big to hold this pose too long, but it's adorable when he does!

And of course, here's lunch:

Natural peanut butter on sprouted grain bread, organic macadamias, organic raw almonds, homemade oatmeal cookie crumbles, Fruit Roll-Up simply fruit, organic baby carrots, and green seedless grapes.

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