Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chip's Lunch: March 2, 2010

I hesitate to post this picture, because it looks a lot less delicious than it actually was. Mac and cheese is one of those things that looks good when you first eat it, but when it cools off and has been sitting in the fridge...not so much.

Last night for dinner we had clean mac and cheese (recipe here). I added some black pepper and garlic powder to the recipe and it was amazing. Next time I might add some sauteed chopped onion too (that's how my grandmother used to make her mac and cheese). I tend to be a purist with mac and cheese; I want it plain and comforting, with no extra stuff added in. But I think this would be really good with some broccoli or asparagus mixed in. I used organic whole wheat vegetable rotini from the co-op down the street. Green is spinach, red is beet, and orange is carrot. I think we'll definitely be having this one again!

I threw in a half sandwich, but decided to skip the PB&J. I feel like we've been eating too much of it lately, and Chip always loves any kind of vegetables I throw on a sandwich for him, so I just invented a sandwich from what was in the fridge.

Clean mac and cheese, organic banana, sandwich on local organic honey wheat bread with organic spinach, salsa, white mushroom, and cheddar, and a whole organic Golden Delicious apple.

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