Monday, March 15, 2010

My lunch: March 13, 2010

OK, I realize this is a bit boring, since it's not terribly inventive, and since it's pretty much what I pack myself any time I have weekend plans out of the house. Oh well. I think its colorful and fun and healthy, and makes 99 lunches on this blog. Wednesday's lunch will be number 100. What will I do to commemorate it?

Oh, and in other news...I am completely in love with Cameo apples. They can be found at the co-op down the street; the organic ones are only $1.49 a pound! I'm not sure what apples cost elsewhere in the country, but traditional apples at the grocery store here run about $1.50 or more per pound. So these are organic and a great price! They look and taste a lot like Gala, but perhaps just a touch mealier. We've been going through 3 or more a day in our house.

Organic Cameo apple, organic baby carrots, cranberry/raspberry fruit strip, more apple, organic almonds, organic macadamias, and a sandwich with natural peanut butter on sprouted grain bread.

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