Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chip's lunch: March 5, 2010

Pizza again! This pizza was so good last week and we were both in the mood for something healthy that tastes unhealthy. We got some beautiful Campari tomatoes and I made a double recipe of the dough so I could freeze half and save it for later. I felt very old-fashioned when I was kneading the dough!

This is another lunch I threw together really quickly. This has been a long, busy week, and we're both just wrecked. We can't wait for the weekend!

On a related note (related to the 'long, busy week' part), one of our fosters is being adopted this weekend. Sweet Roxie has been waiting 3 years next month for her forever home, and it seems she's finally found it. I will miss her dearly (I've been crying since Saturday), but her new home is absolutely perfect and I know she'll be so happy there. We love you, Roxie!

Here she is tonight on her throne:

Yawning, because her life is so difficult:

And of course, here's lunch:

Homemade Margherita pizza (with organic whole wheat flour, organic yeast, local mozzarella, Campari tomatoes, and organic basil), Whole Foods organic vegetable crackers, Nature Valley granola bar, organic flame raisins, organic raw almonds, organic cashews, organic fair trade dark chocolate, and a whole organic Golden Delicious apple.

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