Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chip's lunch: March 4, 2010

Breakfast for lunch again! This time it's because I made extra breakfast this morning and threw it in the lunchbox. I stayed up too late last night watching "American Idol," so lunch didn't get packed until this morning. And just for the record, I'm extremely disappointed in Idol this year; no one seems terribly talented, and some of them are actually really bad (*cough* Tim Urban *cough*).

Anyway, here she is. I wish I'd had more fruit on hand; if I had, I would've packed more fruit instead of the sausage patties. We are completely out of Chip-approved fruit in this house (that means apples, bananas, and oranges). So...this lunch packs more protein than usual, and isn't technically clean.

Bob's Red Mill creamy wheat cereal with a sprinkle of organic brown sugar, Morningstar organic sausage patties, one pastured egg scrambled with mushroom and organic spinach, and a whole organic Gala apple.


  1. Those Morningstar patties are really good! We tried them for the first time the other week and we really like them! Looks yummy!

  2. As far as I know, they taste a lot like sausage. I'm not sure if I know what meat even tastes like anymore, but I think this is close! Chip likes them with a splash of maple syrup. And they're incredible (and incredibly bad for you) served with egg and cheese on a biscuit (the refrigerated kind from the grocery store, in the cans that pop open). Yum!

  3. So does he reheat this stuff?

  4. Yep; he works in an office. Lunch sits in the fridge til noonish, then he heats up whatever he needs to.