Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chip's lunch: March 8, 2010

Oh, it's back to another work week. We had beautiful weather here in Ohio this weekend...and it was about time! We saw 50 degrees for the first time since probably late September. I went out for a run today and along the way I saw so many people out, working on their houses, riding bikes, running, walking, sitting on porches, etc. It's amazing what a little bit of sun can do for one's motivation. Chip spent the day working on his motorcycle; he needs to get it back into shape after winter in the garage. Soon enough he'll be moto-ing to work every day!

We spent the afternoon in the backyard with our dogs and our friends and their Lab, Moly (yep...just one "L"). Heidi really liked her and the two girls had fun running around while Cal obsessed over some tennis balls. In other Heidi news, she and Cal have officially decided to be friends. They played this morning for a while before I woke up (which is exactly what our first foster and Cal did...every morning they played around in our bed for a half hour, then spent a half hour scrapping in the backyard). Chip got some photographic evidence for me:

And this evening I made some clean oatmeal cookies. I'm not gonna lie: I added a little extra sweetener. We like things sweet. And I figure...cookies should taste amazing. Why make a bunch of blah cookies when you can make a bunch of awesome cookies? Right? They turned out really well. I like oatmeal cookies to have tons of oats; I love the texture and I feel like they're good for me.

Organic Golden Delicious apple, steamed broccoli with butter and sea salt, clean oatmeal cookies (with organic local oats!), and organic tri color whole wheat rotini (the colors come from spinach, beets, and carrot) with local pesto and fresh chopped tomato.

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