Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chip's lunch: December 14, 2009

In between the last lunch and this one, Chip went on a crazy business trip. To be very brief, this trip involved an overnight in London, four days in the Canary Islands, and another overnight in London. It was a whirlwind of a trip, and when he got back, he was ready for some tasty American food. So we went to Betty's. We first went to Betty's in March, 2009, when we were in Columbus for the weekend looking at houses to buy. It was recommended to us by the concierge at our hotel, and she was spot on. Not only was it kitschy and weird inside (like one of our Baltimore faves, Nacho Mama's), but the food was inventive and very vegetarian friendly. Since moving to Columbus, we've been back several times. Chip usually gets the chipotle cream rotini pictured below. It's warm and creamy, with a decent amount of heat.

Betty's chipotle cream rotini with tofu, farmers' market winesap apple, Snickers (very special treat), cinnamon grahams with peanut butter, and steamed broccoli with sharp cheddar (another very special treat...what a lucky guy).

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