Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chip's lunch: January 25, 2010

Another vegan lunch! I didn't even mean to this just kinda happened. This lunch includes a few things we got today through our new membership at CostCo. We've been on the fence about joining for a while and today we just bit the bullet and did it. We did it mainly because we needed dog beds (they are crazy expensive most places; at CostCo we got 2 giant beds for $17.50 each), but we made sure to take full advantage of our new membership. In this lunch you'll see a few of the things we picked up today: Flatout wraps, organic quinoa, and Nature Valley granola bars.

Homemade vegan vegetable chowder (I froze this when I first made it, so this is a leftover), PB&J on a Flatout multigrain wrap, Nature Valley granola bar, plain steamed broccoli, and organic quinoa with organic carrot, cumin, garlic, vegetable bouillon, and chili powder.

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