Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chip's lunch: October 21, 2009

Another chili lunch. If I remember correctly, by late October it was just starting to get colder here in Ohio. Chip was in California on business for a week (temps in the 80s) and when he returned to temps in the 40s here, I knew he needed some hearty comfort food. As before, the chili is LightLife brand.

Pictured here is Trader Joe's cornbread (made from a mix). It is, hands down, the best cornbread I've ever had. And you can't beat the convenience; it is very easy to make. In the evening, I bake a batch of it; one box of mix makes 3 mini loaves. One loaf goes in Chip's lunch, one gets eaten by us for a snack at night, and the other gets eaten by us the next morning for breakfast. I don't think cornbread has much actual nutritional value, but it is tasty.

Vegan chili, farmers' market Jonagold apple, local colby cheese, and homemade (sorta) cornbread.

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