Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chip's lunch: September 1, 2009

This lunch was put together in barely five minutes in the morning as Chip was flying out the door. It's not the prettiest but it was quick and easy. Included here is another of our longtime faves: Trader Joe's no-chicken cutlet (stuffed with black beans and corn, with a tomato basil sauce). It's easy to microwave, it's full of protein, and it's vegan. It tastes and feels so much like chicken that I didn't like it at was too chickeny. But it definitely grew on me. When we lived in California, it only cost $2.99 for a two-pack of these; here in Ohio for some reason it's $4.99. So...these are a special treat these days.

Farmers' market apple with peanut butter, homemade brownie, Quaker reduced sugar granola bar, Annie's mac 'n cheese, and Trader Joe's no-chicken stuffed cutlet with tomato basil sauce.

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