Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chip's lunch: November 9, 2009

This lunch is the first of several in which I have begun to sneak in some pesto. I. Love. Pesto. I eat it on pretty much anything, and that includes directly from a spoon. I love it a lot. Chip isn't so much sold on it, for reasons that I can't possibly fathom. So beginning with this lunch, I started to sneak it into things, and he's growing to like it more and more now. Success!

Whole wheat rotini with vegetarian "meat sauce" (organic marinara sauce, to which I added garlic, spices, and Morningstar crumbles) and a spoonful of pesto, cinnamon grahams with peanut butter, Quaker reduced sugar granola bar, farmers' market Jonagold apple, and a banana.

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