Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chip's lunch: October 12, 2009

This was Chip's first lunch back after he went to California on business. While he was gone, I did some baking. He loves to come home to stuff that I've baked: banana bread, cookies, muffins, etc.

Homemade vegan banana bread sandwich with peanut butter, whole wheat crackers, local pepper jack and colby cheeses, and a farmers' market September Wonder apple.

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  1. Okay, so let me explain my fb comment on these. I thought you ordered lunch everyday from some professional lunch-making place. Dead serious. I didn't realize that when you said you pack your lunch with, you meant you bought the bento box things from them. I thought you meant that you ordered lunch everyday from them. I figured--it's CA, I don't know! But then when you moved, I was horribly confused. Now, after following your lunches for months, I've realized that you make them yourself. But--just so you're aware, your daily lunches look like they're from a professional lunch-making shop. maybe you should open such a shop. ---Smods