Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chip's lunch: January 26, 2010

We stayed up way too late tonight and I had to throw something together quickly. I knew a night like this would come, so I had these organic shelled edamame on hand. Crackers and cheese are another quick carb/protein/fat combo that is quick and easy to throw together. And...we have more than 30 of these granola bars left, so we'll probably be seeing them in lunches for a while!

The cheese is Tillamook; it's a brand that we bought all the time when we lived in California. It's made in Oregon, so it's probably a west coast thing. We hadn't seen it in Ohio, until we went to CostCo on Sunday. I was extremely pleased with myself for locating it. We both love it; it has a great flavor and texture and it's made with veggie rennet.

Tillamook medium cheddar cheese slices with reduced fat Triscuits and Whole Foods organic stone ground wheat crackers, 3/4 of a Gala apple, Nature Valley granola bar, shelled organic edamame, and a salad with Romaine lettuce, baby bella mushrooms, shaved carrot, and Campari tomato.

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