Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chip's lunch: September 17, 2009

We had a friend over the evening before, and I made a bunch of chili for dinner. This chili is kinda my thing...carnivores and vegans alike love it, and while it isn't easy, it's definitely worthwhile. It's packed with protein and veggies, and it keeps well in the fridge and freezer. It was still hot here in September when I made it; I think it's better as a middle-of-winter kind of meal. When I make it, I triple the spices, and add a touch of brown sugar and some Frank's Red Hot.

Homemade vegan chili, shredded local cheddar jack cheese, homemade cornbread, Snickerdoodles sent from Maryland by my mom, and a farmers' market Gala apple.

And here's a photo of the chili in progress. All that chopping (and this photo doesn't include the onions or garlic) takes such a long time, but it's so delicious in the end!

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