Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chip's lunch: October 22, 2009

Another Trader Joe's lunch! This is their penne pepperonata from the freezer section. It's super easy to heat up, and it's a nice change from our usual dinners (this was left over from dinner). I like that it's so brightly colored, too...peppers and tomatoes have lots of important nutrients.

I attempted to make the tomato in the top right corner sort of like a caprese. When Chip and I have the money (and are in Baltimore), we always go to Aldo's for dinner. It's a very special occasion and we always enjoy it very much. We always share a caprese; it's made with local tomatoes (usually greenhouse grown...I mean, it's Maryland) and buffalo milk mozzarella that's flown in from Italy. This thing costs $'s no joke. Anyway, Chip absolutely loves it, and I was going for that idea here. It was not a hit with Chip, though he did eat it.

Farmers' market Jonagold apple, sliced Campari tomato with olive oil, basil, and Romano cheese, Trader Joe's vanilla sandwich cookies, and penne pepperonata.

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